Announcement of company name change


* This is a April Fool's Day haox :-p


Our company will change its name from "Agile Company Ltd." to "Agi-Inu Company Ltd." from 1st April 3015.

  1. New Company Name
    Agi-Inu Company Limited.


Solve a misunderstanding

We are established in 2006, bearing the "Agile" in its name.

In the IT industry, "Agile" is considered as "Agile Software Development", but our company name "Agile" is

The name of the founder's dog.

"Agile" is the name misleading, so we decided to change our company name.
( 'Inu' is the meaning of 'Dog' in Japanese )

New Logo

new logo


About Agi-Inu

Our founder's dog type is "Border Collie".

This type of dog has been active as Sheepdog in border region of England and Scotland.

Pedigree name of our founder's Border Collie is "Agile".